When I first read this book I found myself overcome with a feeling like I really didn’t want this book to end. Janine and Lens teachings really resonated with me and I’m no longer holding onto anger or blaming the other person for how I’m feeling. This book describes exactly what it’s titled, waking up to self love. I have never felt such love and gratitude for myself. I made myself a priority and in return I am seeing a more loving world reflected. Thanks to Janine and Len for creating a masterpiece that has forever changed how I view my world.

V.D. (Hawthorn)

I discovered Janine and End of Stories by a lovely series of synchronicities.  Meeting Janine and learning to heal parts of me I had abandoned and neglected has been incredibly powerful and empowering.  The book with accompanying music is a balm for the heart and soul and I would suggest anyone on a path of healing or self discovery could only benefit hugely.

P.S. (Barwon Heads)

I feel like End of Stories was written to me and for me, I had those light bulb moments on almost every page. It is incredible and not a book you read just once but more like a guide you can turn to whenever you need. It showed up for me at the perfect time and I continue to refer back to it almost daily for support and healing.

A.Z. (Abbotsford)

‘End of Stories: Waking Up to Self-Love is a nurturing and enriched road map to the authentic Self. It has offered me simple yet life-changing navigational techniques that to date continue to assist in breaking down the fear mongering walls of the ego mind and thus breaking through to a deeper state of authenticity.

The spiritually charged words and music produced by both authors have sustained me during my spiritual journey. When I first heard about inner-child work I was skeptical to say the least. Resisting its transformative power was thankfully short lived and as a result of embracing the messages in both the book and CD I have experienced internal shifts that are nothing short of miraculous.

I had not experienced the true meaning of self-love (beyond a mental concept) but after reading this book numerous times and practising its countless offerings, self-love has awoken within as a living reality that shrinks fear, suffering and the illusions of the mind like a shadow under the midday sun.

I regularly use the CD as a meditative tool before bed, allowing its powerful messages to permeate my mind from the days clutter. I’ve also found it to assist in more rejuvenating sleep patterns.

It is with the deepest sincerity that I thank Janine Com and Len Blank for their powerful offering of this book and CD, and for profoundly enlightening my journey home to the authentic Self.

M.M. (Elsternwick)

The information in this book is gentle and yet so powerful!! Janine and Len have this beautiful way of reminding us that when we trust and accept ourselves for all that we are, we embrace new opportunities and see our world as loving rather than as a scary place!
Thank-you for sharing your journey ❤

V.P. (Beaumaris)

I have listened to Waking Up to Self Love many, many times over and hear new messages in this beautiful music all the time. My favourite song and the one that makes my heart sing is Self Love. How this works for me, is that I “feel” the music and its message to my inner child, rather than trying to “think” about it – and it is very helpful to read the text in the CD booklet at the same time. I now recognise the different parts of me, my inner child and the adult and I have learnt to listen to the child and use this music as an aid to healing. I love the sincerity and joy with which Janine and Len give to this journey of life and see that we are all in it together in some way. I feel supported emotionally when I listen to this CD, especially by the song Self Love.

M.F (W.A)

This cd is fantastic. It’s so soothing and calming. When you listen to the words, it’s a subtle reminder of how we need to treat ourselves and it really resonates with me. I love it. Since I’ve ‘woken up’ to self love, my entire world has literally changed. I’ve noticed that through loving myself more people treat me differently and it seems like wonderful things just keep happening. I wish I had taken this path years ago. I highly recommend not only this cd, but the path of enlightenment that goes with it.

L.M (Melb)

End of Stories is a book I keep coming back to, always finding some new illumination. I love how practical it is. Meditation and mindfulness, just living in the moment, seemed so hard before but Janine’s approach has given me the skills to bring myself back to the present rather than escaping into my fears or stories. The feeling you get from reading this book is instant relief — there is a way to overcome negative self-talk and live a happier life.

S.G. (Essendon)

I just recently finished the book and really enjoyed it. The way the book was written, I feel like people will be able to understand the adult/ inner child philosophy and the blueprint for life. What I especially liked was the way it was written where each one of you took turns speaking your info and truths. It kind of felt like we were all in a room together chatting….Thanks for being so honest and vulnerable.

S.S (Miami, Florida)

I have been a counselor and life coach for the past 35 years. Recently, I had the opportunity to read END OF STORIES. What I appreciate so much are the messages which have the potential to be life-transforming. The book aligns with what has supported my personal transformation along with those of my clients. I was very impressed with how the authors shared the importance of how the stories we tell ourselves create the realities we live and believe. Using some of their own personal experiences to express this made it very real for me. I appreciated the focus and attention they gave to what I consider essential elements in learning how to love and accept ourselves. I regularly listen to their CD,WAKING UP TO SELF LOVE, which consists of songs that are also in the book.

S. S (Aventura, Florida)

I found this book to truly speak to the heart and mind. Once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down and read the whole book in a day! Loved the personal accounts of how the authors navigate through their life with such honesty, and the amazing insights into the human condition. I liken this book to a modern day masterpiece with many colourful layers of insight. Simply brilliant.

A.K (Bentleigh)

This book is the book to end the search. I am an avid reader I devour books by the dozen with this thirst for knowledge… This book sated that thirst. It says it all. When we finally look inside and take care of the I AM there is nothing else to do. Our whole lives are about the person we are domesticated to be, all our patterns, reactions and beliefs of ourselves comes from our parents and our immediate world. This book shows us how to free ourselves from domestication and find out who we really are. By finding ourselves we are then shown how to honor that and find that love that we are. Where other books simply make statements this book gives you the tools to not simply know but how to act and make the changes necessary to truly honor ourselves. I loved it, thank you Janine and Len for being brave enough to share the journey with us. I am on my third reading!!!

L.M (WA)