Janine’s light & outlook on the world helped me out of my struggles that had been with me for many years. Immediately after my first session I felt hope & confidence in being the person I would like to be.

As I read her book throughout our sessions I found peace, love & acceptance within myself. Her support & my commitment towards doing the work has been tremendous for my mental health & I’m extremely grateful for her. I highly recommend seeing Janine for anyone who may be feeling a little overwhelmed with life.

A.S (Kingsville)

I have good news Janine. I’ve had no desire to smoke at all & I’ve started the gym. The weekend was a test because we had drinks & there were smokers around me so ….. Success story!!

Thank you so much for what you’ve done for me & how you’ve helped me. I really appreciate it. I am so happy things are going really well. I am beyond grateful for your help.

T.R (Aspendale)

I’ve been seeing Janine at various intervals of time for about 2 years & with her support everything in my life has changed for the better. I have released so many fears, toxic patterns & behaviours. And I’ve accomplished goals that I never imagined I’d be able too. She has helped me peel back so many layers of conditioning, trauma & grief – that after every session I feel more & more like my authentic self.

She’s helped all of my relationships flourish & to see every day as a new opportunity to learn & be kind to myself & others. Janine’s inspired me to do better in every way & I couldn’t recommend her more highly. I tell everyone about her & how magnificent she is. For anyone that is looking for support to make any changes in their lives, big or small – she is the one!

Her book is incredible & adds an even deeper aspect of healing that is accessible in your own time. The more that I read it, the more wisdom I get from it each time.

I can’t thank you enough Janine. I appreciate you & your work so much. Thank you for supporting me on my journey. I am eternally grateful ❤️

D.S. (Spotswood)

Janine came highly recommended to me, a recommendation most deserved. The surgical path for gastric banding was most unappealing to me. Virtual Gastric Banding has been a wonderful and effective alternative. The whole hypnosis experience is very new for me and an experience I thoroughly enjoy.

The weight loss has happily become secondary to the lovely hypnosis sessions. I have been told by many people ‘You look REALLY well!’ and I feel really well.

Janine is a wonderful counsellor with genuine empathy and most importantly, she likes people.

As someone very special recently said to me ’Since you’ve been seeing Janine, I’ve watched you come back to life.’

This has been a wonderful experience for me, one that I would highly recommend to anyone.

JM (Keilor)

I read Janine’s book End of Stories and it helped me to connect with my inner child and let go of things that no longer serve my true self. I knew I was holding on to lots of things from my past that I’d never fully dealt with.

I think when my sister recommended this book to me, I was ready to hear the truth and ready to do the work. I am so grateful for this book and the transparency and simplicity of it. I feel the best that I ever have, and I believe this book played a massive part in that.

TS (Newport)

To anyone thinking of hypnotherapy &/or counselling I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Janine Com. Janine has a gentle caring manner and she provides positive support. I have tried many different ways to lose weight and it has always been a battle.

Janine has helped me to lose weight, increase my exercise and be calmer in myself, without it being a constant fight with myself. This journey has just started and there probably will be some difficulties along the way but having Janine providing support and encouragement I know that I can succeed.

Janine, thank you for being such a wonderful person.

CE (Caulfield)

Thank you for all you have done to guide me on the path to self-love and inner knowing. How much richer life is because of that!

MB (Hampton)

Janine, I want to thank you. Your sessions were great, giving me the opportunity to talk freely and bounce issues off you.

The hypnosis was unbelievably relaxing and extremely beneficial in restoring my confidence and self-esteem.

I highly recommend you to anyone who needs to be cleared of any issues, even, if just to talk.

I.P. (Hawthorn East)

Weight Watchers, TOWN Club, Gloria Marshall, diet drinks/meals and more over forty-five years – I had tried them, the lot! All of these attempts to lose weight were unsuccessful in the long term. Then I was told about this ‘fairy godmother’ Janine, a clinical hypnotherapist. With four sessions, her support, and my commitment, I would finally find the success I had been searching for throughout my life. She is an amazing person who I have highly recommended to my friends, acquaintances, and family members. Life is now working FOR me.

J.C (Safety Beach)

I really wanted to let you know how much you have helped me. I had never considered hypnotherapy before but after friends had success quitting smoking l decided it was worth looking into. I came to see you to help me lose weight. The Virtual Gastric Band program has been fabulous – l have lost the weight and kept it off. My old clothes fit again, and I know that I am feeding my body for all the right reasons! I am definitely not an emotional eater anymore. Janine was very professional and caring. I would and do highly recommend Janine as a hypnotherapist and a counsellor.

S.C. (Bentleigh)

It was darkness and loneliness, fear, and sadness until I met you my life transferred completely into light and powerful love. Your journey was full of experiences and challenges that helped me be the person who I am today. Your wise support was useful and guided me to learn the tools addressed in the journey very well. It was so exciting to see how I used to be and how did I change into a powerful person. I really appreciate the way you help me to develop to right path and you do succeed because your valuable support comes from the bottom of your heart.

H.M. (Dubai)

Thank you for all your help.

You’re one of the rare ones that can see what we all should.

Thanks again.

J.M. (Attwood)

Just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I appreciate your wonderful help in the previously relentless weight loss battle!

You have taught me to totally rethink the manner of approach to the issue and definite progress has been achieved in a fun way – so lovely to see those rings start to loosen on the fingers and “tight” clothes becoming comfortable to wear again. All this progress and without any sacrifices!

Thank you so much.

D.C. (South Yarra)

The Virtual Gastric Band hypnotherapy has literally changed my life. In the past, food had always ruled my life. With the techniques taught to me by Wholly Healing, I’ve been able to take back control of my eating habits.

As well as losing weight, I’ve become more confident, am much healthier, and I feel fantastic. Most importantly, I’ve made changes that are sustainable long term. I’ve noticed a change in my energy levels and I’m just generally happier and more positive. I highly recommend this to everyone!

D.P. (Toorak)

Working with Janine to tap in to my wounded and fearful inner child has been an incredibly positive experience.  I am learning and growing each day and have a new awareness and understanding of my reactions, the relationships I have experienced and how life is a big mirror.  This is a little confronting as ultimately the responsibility lies with ourselves to be open and vulnerable in order to heal.  The rewards are an incredible feeling of peace and harmony and greater skills to approach life from a calm, unified and grounded base.

P.S. (Barwon Heads)

This journey for me is effortless and exciting. I’m more positive and energetic and I’m welcoming the ‘real’ ME back – I feel empowered! Weight, well the weight is falling off but I’m not concentrating on that anymore – it’s just happening.

For over 25 years dieting was part of my life – simmering away in the background keeping me awake at night and my weight gain made me feel guilty and sad.

Not anymore – thanks to Janine I’m now living life. I’ve been reminded that I’ve got other things to think about – good things like my kids, my family and ME!

I enjoy laughing and exercising – I enjoy living. I also enjoy buying new clothes because the others are too big – now that’s just a bonus!! Janine is fantastic support – her program just works – it’s simple and makes sense. Thank you Janine.

J.T. (Berwick)

Janine was ‘the calm in my storm’. I felt our sessions together were purely instinctual and depending on how I was feeling and where I was at would determine her approach to the session. Her joyful nature and bright eyes gave me hope, and I always felt energised after being in her presence. She possesses some incredibly positive energy.

She taught me how to detach from the drama in my life and also made me realise that the way I felt about myself wasn’t determined by anyone else! I felt so comfortable and safe in her presence and her ability to empathise and stay present with me in these intense moments of pain were only something someone very special could achieve.

She always knew what to say and when and how to say it, which is important as I was so sensitive to anything that didn’t feel authentic. She gave me the tools I needed to regain my personal power.

I couldn’t possibly have gone through my situation as successfully without Janine, I felt she was my angel and am forever grateful to her. She is a very special person and I feel so very blessed to have been guided to her in my time of need.

L.C (Cheltenham)

Words cannot express how grateful I am to you, I honestly can’t thank you enough. I came to you six weeks ago and in that short period of time you have transformed my life.

When I first came to see you I had no self confidence, was constantly worrying, had major concerns about the present and future, guilt about the past and lived in a constantly depressed state. A few days before seeing you, one evening I even wondered what the point to living was at all. A terrible time in my life…

The moment I met you, I knew you would help me. Your beautiful and kind face welcomed me with love and without judgement. I immediately trusted you and felt that I could tell you anything and that you would help me. Your energy is kind, loving, supportive and welcoming.

Not only did you listen, you provided valuable tools and advice on how I can immediately improve my life. The first day after seeing you I felt like I was starting to be the person I always hoped to be. You have given me the greatest gift I will ever receive, a happy, relaxed, confident and loving life.

The improvements in my life are visible every day. I sing, listen to music, I don’t drink alcohol any more, I have almost completely cut out coffee (1 a week now!), my work has improved, my head is clear, my relationships have improved, I am more patient, more relaxed, more calm and more loving. Most importantly I love and take care of myself now.

I will be eternally grateful to you. You truly are the most wonderful, beautiful, caring and amazing person I have met.

Thank you.

L.R. (Albert Park)

Virtual Gastric Banding has changed my relationship with food and I no longer look to food as a reward system in my life.

Feeling the weight slowly melting away is a great feeling because as it goes so too do all the emotions that I carried in the form of fat.

I finally feel the real me “coming out” to the world. As a therapist Janine’s deep understanding and intuitiveness assisted me in the process of getting to the heart of past belief systems to bring them into a new light to be healed.

This is one of the greatest gifts I have given to myself.

Thank you Janine.

J.H. (Queensland)

Recently, I underwent an operation on my legs and as the time came closer to the operation date, I began to panic and stress out big time, especially with the thought of the anaesthetist’s needles, drains and drips, etc.

I sought assistance from Janine, who was able to placate my fears and calm me down to such an extent that most of my stress was relieved.

Janine is a wonderful and caring therapist and I would highly recommend her to everyone, especially if they suffer from similar anxieties as my own.

H.M. (Cheltenham)

I have been attending hypnotherapy/counselling sessions with Janine over the past 10 months. Janine is highly professional, very caring and intuitive. She creates an environment that feels safe and comfortable to discuss any matter that comes to mind.

Janine provides guidance and gives some very useful methods that I can now use myself to grow beyond my own barriers. I have seen great improvement and measured changes within myself that show how I have been able to release old fears and negative self perception. Changes are subtle yet significant and highly effective, real and lasting.

I highly recommend Janine if you really want to grow and not just talk about it.

K.O. (Cheltenham)

One day I found myself on my own, responsible for the very first time for myself only. I didn’t know who I was, what I really liked, what to do with my life without considering someone else. I was angry, sad, confused….

I had a white canvass in front of me, it was daunting and I felt lost. With patience and determination I started my journey of self-discovery and re-birth. 8 years later, I met Janine and finally it all started to make sense. Within a period of 4 months, all the pieces of the puzzle have found their rightful place.

Janine has given me the tools to see myself in me, to discover a part of me that I had always overlooked, hidden and neglected; in a natural sequence of steps Janine helped me bring balance within, ground me, consolidate my foundations, strengthen my values, believe in my potential, be an active part of the world around me and not a mere spectator watching from the sideline….

I am now my best friend, my rock, I am truly happy and I feel fulfilled….I have reached my goal and I am looking confidently and excitingly to what lies ahead. I have a blank canvass in front of me once more but this time I am in control: I am the artist with a full palette of colours and the possibilities are endless.

Thank you, Janine

K.T. (Mt Martha)

I went to see Janine as an interim only as my mind was made up that I was going to have gastric band surgery. I believed there was no other alternative for me. A work colleague had told me about Janine and given me her number.

It took me a few weeks to call but that one call changed my whole life. I thought I would go and see Janine to actually prove that I was right – surgery was what I needed to assist me with a weight problem that was causing me to have very low self esteem and a great deal of depression.

After one visit to Janine, I became a new me, not just with the weight attitude but my whole being felt different. I left her office feeling a totally different person! No other person has ever been able to successfully hypnotise me. The weight started to fall off. My confidence grew and I felt like a whole different person. It is very hard to explain the feeling … when you sit in a session with Janine … no matter how anxious you feel when you arrive, it all washes away once you have a session with her.

I was so pleased with the new me that after two sessions with Janine I decided to tell her about an anxiety problem that I had been experiencing for most of my life – over the last 10 years it had escalated. Over the years, I had sought help from a number of psychologists to no avail. After one session with Janine, I was on the road to recovery. I am over the anxiety. It is so hard to believe! I keep saying to her that I want to keep coming to see her every few months because I cannot believe that something I had suffered with for so many years could just go away in one session.

Janine is the most amazing person. She has a calming influence that is contagious and her sincerity is unquestionable. I would recommend her to anyone that needs assistance or guidance in their life.

K.G. (South Yarra)

I was not always a non smoker. I used to smoke 15 to 20 cigarettes a day for 32 years, occasionally quitting for short periods lasting one or two weeks, until I received treatment from Janine.

I still recall quite vividly the feeling of total contentment and bliss after the treatment and have not smoked since.

Life has been good to me since I am now a non smoker, I am less stressed, feel healthier and can enjoy life to the fullest. I also feel much more confident and it has been life changing for me. I trekked Nepal (Himalayas) for 3 weeks 2 years ago and this year I will be trekking the Andes. I could not do this if I was smoking. Thank you Janine!

B.A. (Tullamarine)

Before starting my sessions with Janine I felt stuck, not in control of my life with little hope things would change. I had common themed experiences that kept turning up in my life. I knew that old patterns of self belief were a major course.

Janine has provided me with the tools and an opportunity to re-centre and find a greater strength within myself.

You promote healing at every level to create a sense of balance, clarity and harmony. Thank you for facilitating the feeling of calmness and tranquillity within my life.

Janine, you are a beautiful person, who radiates inner and outer beauty, you inspire people to self-evolve in a safe and nurturing environment. Thank you for providing me an opportunity to embrace my spiritual journey and re-ignite my sense of hope.

D.F. (Dingley Village)