I’ve been seeing Janine at various intervals of time for about 2 years & with her support everything in my life has changed for the better. I have released so many fears, toxic patterns & behaviours. And I’ve accomplished goals that I never imagined I’d be able too. She has helped me peel back so many layers of conditioning, trauma & grief – that after every session I feel more & more like my authentic self.

She’s helped all of my relationships flourish & to see every day as a new opportunity to learn & be kind to myself & others. Janine’s inspired me to do better in every way & I couldn’t recommend her more highly. I tell everyone about her & how magnificent she is. For anyone that is looking for support to make any changes in their lives, big or small – she is the one!

Her book is incredible & adds an even deeper aspect of healing that is accessible in your own time. The more that I read it, the more wisdom I get from it each time.

I can’t thank you enough Janine. I appreciate you & your work so much. Thank you for supporting me on my journey. I am eternally grateful ❤️

D.S. (Spotswood)

The grounded feeling of peace & freedom that can occur from owning your whole self (& thereby wholly healing) compares with no other in richness & fulfilment.

There’s a spark within each one of us that remains whole and perfect, no matter what we’ve experienced. When we reconnect with that spark and live from our centre, it really is possible to know ourselves as healed – Wholly Healed!

Whether male, female, adult or adolescent, Wholly Healing provides a safe environment to make a positive difference in your life.

Sessions are tailor-made to you. Each unique individual is on their unique path, requiring personalised guidance/direction. Every client who walks through the door is treated with respect, compassion, listened to without judgement and given 100% attention.

Wholly Healing looks forward to welcoming you on your journey towards greater clarity and self-empowerment.

Read on further to see the areas in which we can assist you.

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Wholly Healing - End of Stories: Waking Up to Self Love

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© Copyright – Janine Com & Len Blank

End of Stories: Waking Up to Self-Love can be a life-transforming experience. This book is an incredibly honest account of how two people were moved to begin an amazing journey home to their authentic selves. When Janine met Len, she had a knowing that this was not just any meeting.  A rarely seen commitment to the path of self-love was emerging as the focus became intensified on doing whatever it took to release attachments to the world they’d perceived as real.

168 pages of stories to end all stories, ancient and current gems of powerful wisdom, music and poetry to inspire, deep vulnerabilities and rarely seen truth-telling shared by both authors – all in the light of freeing oneself to be One Self.