The grounded feeling of peace & freedom that can occur from owning your whole self (& thereby wholly healing) compares with no other in richness & fulfilment.

There’s a spark within each one of us that remains whole and perfect, no matter what we’ve experienced. When we reconnect with that spark and live from our centre, it really is possible to know ourselves as healed – Wholly Healed!

Whether male, female, adult, adolescent or child, Wholly Healing provides a safe environment to make a positive difference in your life.

Sessions are tailor-made to you. Each unique individual is on their unique path, requiring personalised guidance/direction. Every client who walks through the door is treated with respect, compassion, listened to without judgement and given 100% attention.

Wholly Healing looks forward to welcoming you on your journey towards greater clarity and self-empowerment.

Read on further to see the areas in which we can assist you.

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‘Waking Up to Self-love: End of Stories’

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This CD was created from a deep place of integrity and desire to come home to our authentic self. 24 songs and invaluable messages for all ages are interwoven throughout the 77 minutes.

Each song reflects an aspect of our human nature, offering a gift to those who are ready to receive it. Narrative links the songs and tells an epic story to ‘end all stories’.

This is a journey to free the mind and open the heart. The book ‘End of Stories: Waking Up to Self-Love’ is aligned directly with this music.