I have listened to Waking Up to Self Love many, many times over and hear new messages in this beautiful music all the time. My favourite song and the one that makes my heart sing is Self Love. How this works for me, is that I “feel” the music and its message to my inner child, rather than trying to “think” about it – and it is very helpful to read the text in the CD booklet at the same. I now recognise the different parts of me, my inner child and the adult and I have learnt to listen to the child and use this music as an aid to healing. I love the sincerity and joy with which Janine and Len give to this journey of life and see that we are all in it together in some way. I feel supported emotionally when I listen to this CD, especially by the song Self Love.

M.F (W.A)

This cd is fantastic. It’s so soothing and calming. When you listen to the words, it’s a subtle reminder of how we need to treat ourselves and it really resonates with me. I love it. Since I’ve ‘woken up’ to self love, my entire world has literally changed. I’ve noticed that through loving myself more people treat me differently and it seems like wonderful things just keep happening. I wish I had taken this path years ago. I highly recommend not only this cd, but the path of enlightenment that goes with it.

L.M (Melb)