The way I bring Inner-Child work to my sessions is unique.

Your past experiences affect your present reality until you’re able to free yourself from the beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that may be holding you back today from being who you really are.

I myself used to have judgements around Inner-Child work, however I’ve now seen too many profound changes in my professional practice (and in my own life) to doubt the power of this work.

There’s me above, as an adult and as a child 🙂 You’ll notice there’s a natural and very real connection between the two. Life is all about balance. Both Nature in the world and your own inherent nature are designed to be in balance. When you’re out of touch with your intrinsic nature, your body and mind go into chaos (this is also known as ‘fear’, ‘insecurity’ and ‘stress’) and dis-ease.

If you have any preconceived ideas about the power of Inner-Child work, now’s your opportunity to let them go and step into a whole new experience of your self. The inner-child encapsulates your feelings and therefore, the centred space of the ‘heart’. We all have an inner child (unless you were never born) and until you secure a balanced connection with that part of you, feelings can so often remain locked up and out of reach. Not only do you yourself suffer, but relationships and life experiences can become dull, routine and painful. You can find yourself locked (‘stuck’) in certain habits/’ways of being’ in which the child part of you is driving the adult’s body and behaviour. In other words, you somehow feel small, powerless and ‘affected’ by others/the world.

The inner-adult part of your nature relates to your mind. As ‘grown-ups’, everyone has the presence of logic, reason and rationale, however many question this and actually feel like they’ve never grown up. You’d be amazed at the number of people who secretly feel like a child at times. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I’ve been there too and because of this, I’m able to bring true empathy, understanding and years of experience to assist in facilitating your transformation process.

This work can be challenging as the child part of you by nature may be holding tightly to believing those old, learned programs of thinking/behaviour. Underneath that pain you may be feeling is the possibility of joy, peace and freedom as life can become richer and a lot more fun! This can all happen when these two aspects of your human nature are in balance.