Here’s Lea’s experience of End of Stories: Waking Up to Self-Love

This book is the book to end the search.

I am an avid reader I devour books by the dozen with this thirst for knowledge… This book sated that thirst. It says it all.

When we finally look inside and take care of the I AM there is nothing else to do. Our whole lives are about the person we are domesticated to be, all our patterns, reactions and beliefs of ourselves comes from our parents and our immediate world.

This book shows us how to free ourselves from domestication and find out who we really are. By finding ourselves we are then shown how to honor that and find that love that we are.

Where other books simply make statements this book gives you the tools to not simply know but how to act and make the changes necessary to truly honor ourselves.

I loved it, thank you Janine and Len for being brave enough to share the journey with us. I am on my third reading!!!   Lea