I woke up this morning with a headache, feeling feverish, a little congested, and achy. Thoughts such as ‘Ah, I’ve been around people with colds lately’ and ‘I don’t feel comfortable cancelling an appointment due to being a little unwell’ (was meant to be meeting my website designer at 10am) crossed the pathway of my mind. When we believe such thoughts as these, we take ourselves ‘out of balance’, losing ourselves in stories, and it just doesn’t feel good. A feeling of unsettledness kicks in and bubbles away deep inside.

Our body however is a beautiful barometer, always communicating to us what’s going on in the depths of our unconscious. As I find myself saying to clients often, thoughts are not meant to ‘hang around’ and stick with/to us – they’re designed to ‘cross our minds’ and move on through.

The simple truth this morning was I woke up feeling unwell. My job is to listen and look after that one I’m here to be. It’s natural and obvious, yet as humans we tend to complicate things, especially when running ‘survival’ stories from long ago. Thoughts when believed and attached too, become the stories that take us away from our core. Having then left our centre, it’s harder to hear the voice of our true self. This then causes (or creates) the unsettledness as we’re no longer being authentic, and our body is loyally letting us know. The only true place we can be at peace consistently is in being real.

Back to this morning … 🙂  Although I had an appointment to attend at 10am, my body was signalling to rest. As we practise becoming more important to ourselves than the world, it becomes easier to hear our inner core. So needless to say, I made a hot lemon and honey drink, rescheduled the appointment and went back to bed (letting my body know I’m listening). It was no surprise to me that when I woke up a couple of hours later, I felt fine – no headache, no fever, no aching and no congestion!

When we take care of ourselves, we not only feel better but we also heal better 🙂

In spacious presence,