We’re here to be our true selves – Who else is there to be?! Yet, so often that self is suppressed under layers of conditioned behaviours blocking our natural sparkle of authenticity. Masks worn for soooo long are believed to be who we really are – they become so familiar that when we look in the mirror, we not only see these masks, but we actually believe them to be real. We’re at the mercy of the constructed self and doing a great job of ‘acting’ our way through life, thinking we’re the only one doing so!

We live life according to the ‘character identity’ we’ve created (though we don’t always recognise we’re the ones who are so powerful to be able to create this whole ‘drama’) and of course anything we practise for long enough, we get really good at. The programs that made up these costumes we find ourselves wearing were literally absorbed into our ‘make up’ (the cells of our beings) long long ago when we were innocent ‘little people’ learning to survive physically, mentally and emotionally in this world.

Before long, we become adults and extra good at ‘acting’ as ourselves. The ‘made up’ self who basically lives outside of itself (i.e. pleasing/protecting/impressing others, seeking approval/acceptance/love from others, doing/saying the ‘right’ thing according to others) is leading the way. The real, authentic self usually only shows up when we feel truly safe, if at all….

As we say in one of our songs, we’re meant to be ‘human beings’, not ‘human doings’. When in the state of ‘being’ (our natural state), there’s a sense of effortlessness as we’re simply being who we are and this needs no trying at all. Life becomes a flow as we follow the guidance from within – self-referred rather than other-referred. And, because we’re looking after ourselves first, we become even more present for those we love and care about in our lives. The great news is that life becomes a ‘Win Win’ all round when we live authentically as who we really truly are!