How easy life is when we don’t interfere (enter fear)….. Can you imagine stripping back all the layers that involve efforting, thinking we have to be a certain way for others, needing to make an impression, defending, justifying, etc.??? Imagine turning up to ‘life’ exactly as you really are….. And knowing that this truly is enough, that no ‘trying’ is needed…..

We learn early in life that we have to ‘be’ or ‘do’ in order to ‘get’. So it’s only natural that we end up changing the very essence of who we were in the first place.

As we become more conscious of the ‘preservatives’, ‘additives’ and ‘colourings’ that over the years have masked the truth of who we really are, the purification process can begin.

Tips 🙂 Tune in to where you look outside to make yourself feel okay (i.e. Getting someone else’s approval, acceptance or attention, or buying something new)

🙂 Notice when you put your feelings second to another’s

🙂 Become aware of when you tell ‘little white lies’ … What could be more important than your truth? In that moment, you’ve made the other person more important than yourself. What are you really telling yourself (and the universe) when you bend the truth? That you don’t matter as much as what the other person thinks 🙁

These are just three of the many ways in which we’ve diluted and altered our true flavour and our pure essence.

Start setting yourself free of those artificial preservatives – it’s time to peel back the layers to discover and own the unique being that you were born to be!

In presence,