When we matter more to ourselves than anything or anyone else, we’re present. Life/‘stuff’ stops becoming such a big deal – in fact, nothing’s a big deal any more. Why? Because we’re then already home and at peace. This is where we’re meant to be. From this place, we’re anchored in our centre (our true self), which is also known as ‘presence’.

So, we’re aligned and in harmony with space/consciousness. We’ve recognised that we are worth living from and as. The universe, being a mirror, has no choice but to reflect this. We’re tuned in to our highest good (how can we not be as we’re home to hear and receive it), and therefore the highest good all round. Every one’s a winner in this place!

Tip 🙂  Listen to the body – it tells us when we’ve left our centre. If you’re noticing an unsettledness in any area, go to that part of the body and listen/notice/place your awareness there. When we truly acknowledge and pay attention, that unsettled feeling often dissolves as we’ve returned to our centre. The body no longer needs to call us back as we’re now listening and resting where we belong. It’s so often (if not always) the stories that take us away from ourselves, and they’re all coming from within us! It takes commitment to let these stories go as we’ve been practising/living them for soooo long.

Trust your Self 🙂