It’s blog time again! The thought bubbling up to be expressed in this moment is that when we stop turning on ourselves, the world stops turning on us. We’re born into these bodies and so often forget that the ‘vehicle’ we were given is also our responsibility to look after (as long as we’re capable of doing this). The other major point we not only forget, but actually seem blinded too, is that the mind we’ve been given is more powerful than we can imagine!

The result? We seem to live our lives outside of our precious bodies, while using our powerful minds to attack our selves! Long practised programs (i.e. ‘I’m less than everyone else’) unknowingly taken on board when we were innocent children become so familiar and ingrained that we end up believing they’re actually real and true. We make ourselves wrong and then spend our lives ‘trying’ to better ourselves by reaching ‘out there’ to the world in some way, never quite feeling good enough.

It seems that life becomes all about leaving our centre – our essential being – and then, we wonder why we feel out of balance/out of sorts/unsettled/not quite present, etc. The irony of this whole ‘drama’ called life is that the answers we seek ‘out there’ don’t exist. While we keep looking outside ourselves, it’s pretty much guaranteed we’ll remain ‘seeking’ and never actually ‘finding’.

The body and mind we find ourselves in are waiting for us to turn around and own rather than turn against and disown. When we’re finally backing (‘back in’) ourselves, guess what? We can finally get to see that the universe truly is on our side!

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Have a wonderful week becoming more aware of coming home to own your precious bod and powerful mind!