Hello again beautiful people! I was just pondering the thought that the human condition seems to have people ‘expecting’ life to give them wonderful experiences when they haven’t yet truly seen the wonder within themselves. Until we ‘get’ this, we continue looking outside to find the ‘wonder’ (i.e. love, acceptance, approval, magic, answers) that will help us to feel okay in ourselves. The truth is that when we ‘do’ a 180 deg turn to the ‘one I am’, we can begin to discover that ‘wonder’ already rests deep inside ‘thyself’, waiting patiently to be revealed.

It’s a little like digging for gold. As we search for that golden yellow sparkle, trusting it’s there somewhere, we’re more likely to find it. The more committed, dedicated and focused we are, the more likely we are to strike gold! It reminds me of trips to Ballarat (country Victoria) as a child, and stopping by paddocks where we might just find bucket loads of mushrooms. Sun bursting through after bouts of rain usually saw those whitish grey heads popping out of the ground. The fun of walking field after field searching, my sister, brother, and I all ‘trying’ to find the most ‘mushies, was almost more exciting than the moments of picking them! Even now, the smell of field mushrooms cooking in a saucepan with butter and pepper takes me back to those childhood days ….

Mushrooms popping up from underground? Gold hidden within the earth? Waking up to who we truly are? We’ve got to really want and deeply desire finding whatever it is we’re searching for. Without the focus and commitment, we’re bound to get distracted and leave the path to wander elsewhere, enticed into believing something else will make us feel even better.

Our authentic self (the wonder that we are) has been buried so deep inside under layers of conditioned belief patterns and programs that were usually set in place at a very young age. To find the core of who we are isn’t necessarily as easy as finding mushies, and often is even more challenging than finding gold! From the moment we arrive into this world, we’re encouraged, taught and designed to look ‘out there’. We need our primary caregivers for sheer survival and therein a lifetime practice begins …. The world becomes the place our ‘gold’ is found (or mushrooms!), so we simply continue looking ‘out there’. As we ‘grow up’, our gold takes the form of relationships, objects (i.e. houses, cars, jewellery), habits/routines, addictions, etc. We ‘need’ that which is outside of us (some would say ‘fools gold’), just so we can feel okay. The whole time, the ‘real’ gold (our true wonder) is shining patiently, waiting to be discovered when we’re ready to look in the mirror!

‘We’ll never find the answers outside ourselves. Don’t worry; we’ve all done this more than once, convinced time and again, that this time we’ve found our true happiness and fulfilment. This unfortunately never lasts, simply because we looked in the wrong direction to find the right answer. The fact that the answers are inside us means we have the power …..’ (Introduction, page xxii ’End of Stories: Waking Up to Self-Love’)

Enjoy the journey to the gold within!