Welcome to the very first ‘Wholly Healing’ blog! On the journey home to living from our core centre, life can seem to take many twists and turns. Here I am now finding myself ‘blogging’ ….. and … without any story, I’m simply in presence happening to be typing a few words on the keyboard and calling it a ‘blog’. The backdrop appears to change while in presence, there’s never any differences … it really is all the same.

While in the U.S. recently, one of the backdrops became that of a radio interview. If any of you beautiful beings feel like being entertained for a couple of hours by a taste of ‘consciousness chat’, you’re welcome to tune in. The live airing is Sunday May 5th (Melbourne, Aust time: 1am) on Transitions Radio Magazine (Internet). The interview can be accessed after this date through Googling Transitions Radio Magazine and clicking on the relevant month (May) under Archives.

My sense is that these blogs will serve as gentle, loving, clear reminders of how to ‘wake up’ to discovering the truth and love that you really are. As we connect with our true self, the backdrops of life start to fade into the background as we begin to embrace our true value and feel lighter in so many ways.

In peaceful spaciousness,