Hi again, this blogging is providing a wide open space to simply share the gift of being both human and spirit; child and adult; and all the wonderful blends/parts of us that make up the whole. As we stop fighting/denying/pushing any of them away, we can finally start experiencing getting in touch with the oneness – that delicious rich space we’re meant to be resting in. As we do, we resonate with our frequency and all begins to fall into place and harmonise. We let go of complicating life and return home to the simplicity of the truth of ourselves.

My dear friend Len Blank and I have co-authored a book, CD and Audio Book that speaks loudly and clearly of learning how to love ourselves. Len has been in the alternative health field most of his life, and was a pioneer in bringing the ancient healing science of Ayurveda to America. He is also the founder and original owner of Lotus Press which is today a major publisher of Ayurveda books. Len’s been a life coach and counsellor in health centres around the world for many years.

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With peace & joy,