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December 2013

Book Review by Arite (Melbourne)


Arite's sharings on End of Stories: Waking Up to Self-Love I found this book to truly speak to the heart and mind. Once I started reading it I couldn't put it down and read the whole book in a day! Loved the personal accounts of how the authors navigate through their life with honest personal [...]

Book Review by Arite (Melbourne)2016-12-05T12:01:16+11:00

November 2013

Book Review from Lea (Western Australia)


Here's Lea's experience of End of Stories: Waking Up to Self-Love This book is the book to end the search. I am an avid reader I devour books by the dozen with this thirst for knowledge... This book sated that thirst. It says it all. When we finally look inside and take care of the [...]

Book Review from Lea (Western Australia)2016-12-05T12:01:16+11:00

August 2013

Letting Go


How easy life is when we don’t interfere (enter fear)..... Can you imagine stripping back all the layers that involve efforting, thinking we have to be a certain way for others, needing to make an impression, defending, justifying, etc.??? Imagine turning up to ‘life’ exactly as you really are..... And knowing that this truly is [...]

Letting Go2016-12-05T12:01:16+11:00

July 2013

Our True Home


When we matter more to ourselves than anything or anyone else, we’re present. Life/‘stuff’ stops becoming such a big deal – in fact, nothing’s a big deal any more. Why? Because we’re then already home and at peace. This is where we’re meant to be. From this place, we’re anchored in our centre (our true [...]

Our True Home2016-12-05T12:01:16+11:00

The Body


I woke up this morning with a headache, feeling feverish, a little congested, and achy. Thoughts such as ‘Ah, I've been around people with colds lately’ and ‘I don’t feel comfortable cancelling an appointment due to being a little unwell’ (was meant to be meeting my website designer at 10am) crossed the pathway of my [...]

The Body2016-12-05T12:01:16+11:00

June 2013

Which One Is Me?


We’re here to be our true selves – Who else is there to be?! Yet, so often that self is suppressed under layers of conditioned behaviours blocking our natural sparkle of authenticity. Masks worn for soooo long are believed to be who we really are – they become so familiar that when we look in [...]

Which One Is Me?2016-12-05T12:01:16+11:00

May 2013

The Journey Within


Hello again beautiful people! I was just pondering the thought that the human condition seems to have people ‘expecting’ life to give them wonderful experiences when they haven’t yet truly seen the wonder within themselves. Until we ‘get’ this, we continue looking outside to find the ‘wonder’ (i.e. love, acceptance, approval, magic, answers) that will [...]

The Journey Within2016-12-05T12:01:16+11:00

Continuation of Wholly Healing’s USA Radio Interview


It’s blog time again! The thought bubbling up to be expressed in this moment is that when we stop turning on ourselves, the world stops turning on us. We’re born into these bodies and so often forget that the ‘vehicle’ we were given is also our responsibility to look after (as long as we’re capable [...]

Continuation of Wholly Healing’s USA Radio Interview2016-12-05T12:01:16+11:00

Wholly Healing’s USA Radio Interview at Transitions Radio Magazine


Hi again, this blogging is providing a wide open space to simply share the gift of being both human and spirit; child and adult; and all the wonderful blends/parts of us that make up the whole. As we stop fighting/denying/pushing any of them away, we can finally start experiencing getting in touch with the oneness [...]

Wholly Healing’s USA Radio Interview at Transitions Radio Magazine2016-12-05T12:01:16+11:00

Welcome to Wholly Healing


Welcome to the very first ‘Wholly Healing’ blog! On the journey home to living from our core centre, life can seem to take many twists and turns. Here I am now finding myself ‘blogging’ ..... and ... without any story, I’m simply in presence happening to be typing a few words on the keyboard and [...]

Welcome to Wholly Healing2016-12-05T12:01:16+11:00
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